Kenneth Wilkins

Departed on Jan 29, 2024

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I worked with Kenny at Lynch. Every day was a joy just being around him. So many laughs we had. So happy I had him as a good friend. He will be missed. My condolences to all of the Wilkins family

My great-uncle Kenny. When I was little, I used to send him packets of math problems, based on what I was learning in school, and he would always do them and send them back to me. He would purposely get almost every problem wrong, and had me convinced that he didn’t know basic math. He even occasionally would send me a few dollars, instead of answering a question. I loved doing this with him, and he genuinely was one of the nicest people I ever knew.

My Uncle Kenny. As a kid I just loved visiting Kenny and Sharon on the farm. He would take me for rides on his tractor. Rides in his truck up and down the hills, which were so much fun because in Florida we didn't have hills. While in his truck I would pull this cord on the passenger side and he would honk the horn every time I did, no matter how many times I would do it. My most favorite memory is that he would always flex his muscle in his arm and tell me it was a mouse. As a kid I really thought there was a mouse in his arm. I would go back home and tell everyone in school, even my teachers, that my Uncle Kenny has a mouse in his arm. He was the best, and I was his Stacey poo.

Wilkins farm, Igor’s cafe, Harry’s shop and hunting with the boys. What wonderful memories. Brings a smile every time I think of them. Thanks Kenny. Sharon , Mike and Kris your in my thoughts and prayers.

So sorry for your loss. Great memories with Kenny. He'd walk in to our Cafe for his Mt. Dew, greeting me with "HI Easy." I would respond back with " Hey Lucky." A few bull sessions at Harry's shop thru the years come to mind. What a great guy.

Sharon, Uncle Wayne called me about the passing of Kenny. Those two guys had a wonderful friendship ! I remember Kenny and his cute smile .Please know I am deeply sorry for your loss. Holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.