Perpetual Care

You can rest assured that your cemetery plots and memorials will be maintained and cared for — forever and ever. The concept of Perpetual Care is to accumulate funds so that a cemetery can be properly maintained even after it no longer has any property to sell or burials to be made.

Cedar Memorial Park has been recognized by the International Cemetery and Funeral Association as one of the premier perpetual care cemeteries in the nation with over $16 million in perpetual care funds. This is the largest care fund in the state of Iowa and is assurance to the lot owners that their cemetery has sufficient funds to provide the accustomed level of cemetery care and maintenance, now and in the future.

Since 1953, Iowa law has required private cemeteries to meet certain requirements in order to operate as a Perpetual Care cemetery — not less than 20% of the selling price of any property sold must be deposited into a Perpetual Care fund.

Cedar Memorial Park is active in promoting responsible Perpetual Care legislation and its Chairman of the Board, John Linge, is a past president of the Association of Iowa Cemeteries.