Preplanning Steps

Family members sitting at a table discussing Preplanning

1. Does your family know what you really want?

Preplanning your funeral is part of estate planning. It's just part of being prepared.

In the best of times, family members don’t always agree with one another. In times of stress, it can be even more difficult. Preplanning your funeral takes the pressure off your family and allows your wishes to be documented. Preplanning makes sense financially by removing emotion from the decision making process.

2. Choose a certified preplanning counselor.

We understand that preplanning a funeral isn’t something you look forward to doing. That's why the certified preplanning counselors at Cedar Memorial make the process simple and affordable. Our counselors are specially trained through a national certification program to serve the best interests of you and your family. They can assist you to select the options that best fit your wishes, beliefs and budget.

3. Consider the benefits of prefunding.

Prefunding relieves an enormous burden from your loved ones and allows you to lock in today’s prices. You’re guaranteed to receive what you purchased. Cedar Memorial offers our exclusive Omega Trust III, one of the oldest and largest funeral/cemetery trusts in the state of Iowa.

Omega Trust III is a comprehensive, inflation proof and price guaranteed trust supervised by the state.
All deposits are held in a local bank.
  • 60 months no interest financing is available
  • All expenses and any applicable taxes are paid by Omega Trust III.
  • Unlike some insurance policies, your total payments will never exceed today’s cost. There is no physical required or waiting period before it goes into effect.
  • Omega Trust III provides for a $300 transportation allowance for death away from home.
  • Your prefunded plan is portable — it follows you wherever you go.
  • Omega Trust III is an irrevocable trust; it cannot be used against you as an asset when applying for Medicare benefits.

Stone wall with Cedar Memorial on it.4. Choose an established funeral home.

Cedar Memorial has served the families of Cedar Rapids, Marion and the surrounding communities for over 90 years. Having a funeral home, cemetery, mausoleum, flower shop, cremation center, family center and grief resource library all in one location makes funeral planning decisions easier. We invite you to tour Cedar Memorial. Our beautiful grounds and facilities might lead you to believe we must be too expensive — you will be surprised to find that we are very affordable.

5. Preplanning Organizer and Preplanning Packet

To request a Preplanning Organizer, our Commonsense Guide to Preplanning, and a checklist of 83 things that must be done by the survivor, please contact us online or at any of our locations.

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