Catering Services

Cedar Memorial provides catering services for funeral receptions and family meals. Contact us for details or to reserve a time and date.

Cedar Memorial provides a convenient location at the Family Center and Library for funeral receptions and family meals. You can reserve the Swan Room in the Family Center for up to 1 ½ hours, which includes service staff, tableware, ice water, coffee, lemonade, iced tea, as well as cleanup following the gathering. A variety of food options are available for an additional fee. For information on other options, please call us at 319-393-8000.

Sandwich Luncheon Reception

A classic offering of delicious meats and cheeses with accompaniments for families and guests to select their own preferences. All sandwich luncheon receptions include potato chips and a choice of two chilled salads from nine different options.

Cookie Reception

An assortment of large gourmet fresh-baked cookies.

Hot Luncheon Buffet Reception

A distinctive buffet style meal with a choice of nine savory meats, one style of potato, one vegetable and a choice of salad. Dinner rolls and butter are also included.

Other Selections

Every family is unique. Some choose to remember their loved one by serving a favorite food or dessert. Others may have food sensitivities or additional special requests. We strive to accommodate the needs of all families and will work with you to find the right catering selection.