Floral Tributes

Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery encourages the use of floral tributes at the graves of loved ones.

Floral Guidelines

The beauty and continuity of the cemetery depends on the cooperative efforts of all families who have loved ones entrusted in our care. Therefore, everyone must adhere to some equitable regulations of grave decorations.

Download a PDF file with specific rules and regulations about floral tributes.

Download Floral Regulations

Total Cleanup Days

In order to maintain the beauty of Cedar Memorial Park, our spring and fall Total Cleanup Days allow us to reseed, fertilize and spray the lawns.

In conformity with our Floral Regulations, all grave decorations are removed and disposed of mid-March and mid-October (the specific dates are publicized on our website and in The Gazette newspaper). If you would like to keep your decorations, please remove them anytime before the these annual events occur.

Weather permitting, conforming decorations may be placed in the cemetery again on April 1st and November 1st.