Veterans Benefits

Honorably discharged veterans that meet certain eligibility guidelines are entitled to benefits including a burial allowance, a burial flag, a grave marker, a Presidential Memorial Certificate and burial in a national cemetery. Your Cedar Memorial Certified Preplanning Consultant can explain the details.

Burial Allowance

Close up of hands passing a folded flag to another set of handsEligibility for Burial Benefits has been significantly reduced and is now available only to a limited number of veterans meeting certain specified conditions.

a. Non-Service Connected Burial Allowance – this is applied to burial and funeral expenses of the eligible deceased veteran.

b. Interment or Burial Plot Allowance – This additional allowance is applied to incurred expenses of interment or burial plot.

c. Burial Allowance for Service–Connected Death – When the veteran’s death occurs as a result of a service-connected disability, a separate amount may be paid in lieu of the basic burial allowance and the interment and plot allowance.

d. Transportation Costs – The cost of transporting the body to the place of burial may also be paid in addition to the above allowances.

Cedar Memorial's Certified Preplanning Consultants are well versed in benefits available to veterans. For additional information on eligibility requirements, visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at

Burial Marker

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will furnish an appropriate headstone or marker for the graves of eligible veterans buried in private cemeteries, whose deaths occur on or after November 1, 1990, regardless of whether the grave is already marked with a non-government marker. The VA, however, does not pay the cost of placing the headstone or marker on the grave, any cemetery required stone or foundation for the memorial, or any related marker perpetual care charges.

Burial Flag

An American flag is available to drape the casket of a veteran who was discharged under conditions other than dishonorable. After the funeral service, the flag may be given to the next of kin or a close associate of the deceased. VA will also issue a flag on behalf of a service member who was missing in action and later presumed dead. Flags are issued at any VA regional office, VA national cemetery, or most local post offices.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

A Presidential Memorial Certificate (PMC) is an engraved paper certificate, signed by the current President, to honor the memory of deceased veterans who are eligible for burial in a national cemetery.

Let Cedar Memorial Help

Cedar Memorial will assist you in filing for all of your veterans benefits at no additional cost to you or your legal representatives.

For more information contact your Cedar Memorial Preplanning Consultant or find out more about veterans benefits by contacting the National Veterans Affairs office at (800) 827-1000 or

Vet Affairs
(319) 892-5160
Linn County Veterans Affairs Office

Iowa Veterans Cemetery
(515) 242-5331 or (800) 838-4692