Frederick Hanson

Born in Clinton, IA
Born on Jun 23, 1995
Departed on Sep 6, 2023

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Dear son, I'm so sorry you've endured this journey of constant pain to know you gone I can't wrap my mind around this. I know you were tired of all the needles, the pain, and the doctors' constant reminders of what you should and should not do. I've only wanted the best for you your health, to know you were safe, warm from the cold, cool in the summer belly fool, clothes on your body. Knowing you were happy, healthy and safe was my concern throughout your entire life. Never wanted to go far in case you needed me, never turned my phone off because I always wanted to be available when you needed me. Even being out of town if you needed me I could get someone to you. I apologize for every and anything that cause you stress because every word was in good intent. I don't know how to go on I need to hear your voice Lord please have my son with you.