Douglas Crosby

Born in Wichita Falls, TX
Born on Jan 13, 1952
Departed on Nov 18, 2023

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My sad and sincere condolences reach out to Maggie and the Crosby family. Doug and I are bonded by our similar age, our shared youth, and by our love of art. As teenagers, during summers when I stayed with my grandmother in Webster City, Doug and I would meet at his parent's house on Elm Street, a few doors away from Hazel Clave, and paint. During high school, Doug was one of those who hung out in Ray Atwood's art classroom, working on projects, and socializing. Sometimes Doug would challenge Mr. Atwood's pronouncements with observations and facts that usually won the argument. As a young man, he soon discovered and I believe truly treasured, family life. And it needs to be said that Doug and Maggie hosted some awesome parties during their early 1970s James Street residency in Webster City! For some reason, I can't recall many details; the details I can remember have no place in a condolence letter! Doug and Maggie and I came together again during the 1980s when they lived in Hiawatha and I lived in Iowa City. After I landed at UNI, we rarely saw each other, each of us moved forward on different paths, but bonded forever because we shared our precious youth. Rest in peace, Doug.

Don and I would like to convey our sympathies to the Crosby Family. Hugs & Prayers to you all.

Doug had a brilliant mind and never stopped learning and he also never stopped teaching. I learned so much from Doug in my years starting out at Intermec and into the Honeywell Black Belt and Lean Expert project days, and even for a time at Collins working on those Weibull plots. He always challenged me to be a better engineer. And someone who did not have an engineering degree I think he out-engineered all of us. He always said he was a jack of all trades, but a master of none but I think he was more accurately described as a master of all trades. Doug was an artist, a gamer, and a sci-fi nerd, all things I connected with. Thank you Doug for giving me my start, thanks for being my mentor, and my friend.

My family and I wish to send our heartfelt condolences to Margaret and the Crosby family for their loss. Doug was a colleague and mentor of mine as we worked together for 23 years. We saw a lot of change during those years, and he always conveyed his unique knowledge to the entire team. I am forever grateful for being able to share those working years with him. Doug, you will be forever missed. Your friend, Scott.