Marilyn Sweet

Born in Sterling, IL
Born on Nov 6, 1932
Departed on Jun 5, 2023

Marilyn was my favorite teacher and the reason that I teach science today. She once picked me up early in the morning on a weekend so we could go do water testing at Palisades Park. I do the same with my students now. She got excited about the diatoms I found under the scope. I'll never forget that. I still have the project I did for her on water treatment in ninth grade. She wrote "-0, A+" and I was in heaven that she regarded my work as well done. I was lucky to be her assistant at Franklin for year after I graduated from college. We often laughed so hard that we cried. She had a delightful and devilish sense of humor! She got to know my future husband when we were dating and she always asked me how "chicken head guy" was (he had given me a chicken head necklace)! It is hard for me knowing she is gone, but I will cherish her always.

I will always cherish Ms. Sweet's impact on my life as my 7th grade science teacher at Franklin Junior High School. Her inspiration and unwavering belief in my abilities helped persuade me to achieve my dream of becoming a physician. I pursued a degree in Chemistry, and to this day, I still have the periodic chart she gave me in 7th grade. Ms. Sweet, I am forever grateful for the pivotal role you played in my journey. My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and loved ones of this exceptional woman.

My colleagues and I share our deepest condolences with Marilyn’s family and friends. She was a steadfast friend to the Indian Creek Nature Center for many years, as both member and donor. We join together to pay tribute to her longtime, dedicated service as a science teacher - for 35 years! - as well as to her life as a champion of nature. Her spirit lives on at the Nature Center in the woodlands, prairie and wetlands she so appreciated.

Mrs Sweet was the old style teacher I wish my kids could have had. While I didn't go into science in college my time with her at Franklin Jr High gave me a solid understanding of science (and memorization of periodical tables) that carried me through high school and college classes. She was someone who truly knew and loved science and wasn't just learning it in time to teach it-- she inspired many students to continue on at a time where girls were still not doing a lot of science. My only regret is that she attended Westminster when I did and my inability to remember faces didn't connect who she was--- I would have definitely thanked her and introduced my science loving daughters to her. My thoughts are with her family and I thank you for sharing her with all of us.

Our sincere condolences to everyone that was a part of Marilyn’s life. We didn’t know Marilyn but from all the comments we have read she was a wonderful person and truly loved. She touched so many lives as a caring and talented teacher and loving friend, she will be thought of often and never forgotten. May all your wonderful memories out weigh your sadness during this difficult time time. Something we have personally found to be of great comfort are the thoughts expressed in the Bible at John 5:28 “all those in the memorial tombs will hear his (Jesus Christ) voice and come out “. May God Jehovah comfort you during this sad time in your life.

I was so fortunate to have been introduced to Marilyn Sweet and her dear friend Flora Kitzman 35 years ago. My Mother, Donna Meeks, introduced us as they were close neighbors and good friends. As the years went by, I was able to introduce my wife and children to Marilyn. When my children were younger, they would leave May day baskets on Marilyn's door step, and they always appreciated her kind heart and bright smiles. We will dearly miss Marilyn but will still be on the lookout for her in the Oakland Road HyVee parking lot, waiting to pick up groceries. Our sincere condolences to Marilyn's family and friends.

I was one of the lucky ones to have Ms. Sweet at Franklin Jr. High. I won't beat around the bush, she was a great teacher who cared for her students. She was firm, bold and effective as a teacher. I can honestly say she was my favorite teacher in Jr High. Rest Eternal Ms. Sweet. You were of the greats who touched many kids lives....Thank you!

Marilyn was my neighbor. She helped me through some rough times and I will always be grateful to her for all she did. She was a wonderful person and will be greatly missed

I'm so sorry for your incredible loss. Mrs.Sweet was a teacher at McKinley or Washington. Class of 1976 Her name was so appropriate for her. We all knew her, she was the Sweet teacher! Her name describes her. Although I didn't take her classes, she always smiled and spoke. Such a Sweet, lovely lady. In my mind, she hadn't changed a bit in 45 years. Her picture was so familiar. A beautiful spirit. Regretful I didn't take her classes. Because I love science now. A side note, I remember a family named Sweet that ran the Dairy Queen on Mount Vernon Road. Again, my deepest condolences. There's a hole in the world where she was. They don't make them like her anymore.

Sorry to hear of the passing of Miss Sweet. Our paths crossed in many ways - neighborhood, McKinley for my kids, Nature Center, etc. She was always friendly and enthusiastic.

Marilyn Sweet was absolutely one of my favorite teachers many years ago when I attended Franklin Junior High! I learned so much from her in my chemistry class. She was very direct and very thorough and outstanding as a teacher! Sorry to hear of her passing -